Slater Fire Town Hall - February 27th, 12:00 PM

On February 27th, join our legal team for a town hall in Happy Camp for those affected by the Slater Fire. Click below to RSVP.

Our team has represented nearly 17,000 clients in the 2017 North Bay Fires and 2018 Camp Fire.

We have the experience, resources, and determination to take on your Slater Fire claim.

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Erin is famous for taking on big corporations—and winning. She’s joined our team and is committed to making sure utilities are held accountable and that tragedies like this never happen again.*

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We represent thousands of clients harmed by wildfires across California – including the Camp Fire, Tubbs Fire, Kincade, and more. Experience and resources matter.

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Our team of expert arborists are available to help value your claims for tree and landscaping damage. This is a critical part of ensuring you’re paid what you deserve.

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* Erin Brockovich is a non-attorney spokesperson.

Blaine and Irene

Hear why Blaine and Irene have trusted the Wildfire Law team with their claim following the Tubbs Fire.

Taking on the "Big Guys"

You deserve a team with the experience and determination to hold utility companies accountable.

Client Testimonial: Earl

After the devastating Tubbs Fire, Earl hired the Wildfire Law team to represent him and help him hold PG&E accountable.

Arthur and Chavette

Learn why Arthur and Chavette turned to the Wildfire Law team to handle their claim. 


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